Sewer Line Repair Services in Houston, Texas

Keeping a home running clean and proper requires running water entering the home. However, that is only half the battle. Homes require a safe method for removing wastewater from the home. This is the home’s sewer, and if it’s not functioning correctly, you may be in need of a sewer cleanout. When the sewer has issues, it can pose severe risks to the home. Fortunately, Sewer Line repair services in Houston, Texas, can help with any situation.

Signs of a Sewer Main Line Problem

The main line of the sewer exits the home and runs through the yard where it ultimately connects with the city or municipality’s sewage system. However, serious problems can arise in the area, posing serious problems for homeowners. This makes it important to understand the signs of a problem with the sewer line. The quicker a need for a sewer repair service is identified, the less damage can occur.

Wastewater not draining or backing up into the house is often a sign of a clog in the main line of the sewer, especially if multiple drains in the home are affected. Other signs of a clog can include gurgling noises in the pipes or even a toilet not completely filling. All of these warning signs could mean a sewer line repair service is in order.

Sometimes, the problem is due to a leak in the line. This problem is often a lot harder to notice right away since the line runs underground. However, damp areas or puddles in the yard could be a sign of a leak. There may even be areas of the yard where the grass seems to grow much better. Foul smells or increased pest activity could also be a sign of a sewer leak. When you call on us for sewer repair, we will examine all of these common problem areas to identify the root cause of the issue.

Professional Service

If any signs of a leak or clog in the sewer are noticed, it is important to seek professional help with this problem. Delaying sewer line repairs could pose risks of damage to the home and yard. It may even create a risk of disease for pets and family members. Our sewer repair professionals provide a variety of options for these situations. Our team of trained and professional plumbing staff will get to work immediately to determine the exact problem the home is having with its sewer. Once a problem is identified, the sewer repair team will provide a detailed explanation of the problem and the options available for repair.

Once the homeowner approves the repair, work will begin. During the work, every staff member on the property will work in a courteous, professional, and safe manner to ensure comfort for everyone. Once the job is complete, the area will be cleaned up to allow homeowners to get back to normal quickly.

Camera Inspections

One of the main services offered when dealing with sewer repair is a camera inspection. A camera inspection is an important part of the sewer line repair process to help technicians find the cause of the problem. This helps ensure that the right steps are taken and in the proper location to repair any issue with the sewer.

The camera inspection is basically inspecting the inside of the sewer with a camera. A camera is fed through the sewer line to allow the plumbing team the ability to see inside the line and identify any damage, corrosion, breaks, clogs, or even tree roots within the line. Once the problem is found, sewer line repairs can begin.

Clog Removal

If a clog is found in the line, steps will be taken to remove the blockage and allow the wastewater to leave the home freely. Often, this can be done by using a snake or hydro jetting. A snake is a long, flexible auger that can be directed into the sewer to clear clogs. Hydro jetting is when a plumber uses a blast of water at a very high pressure to break up blockages. Either method is an effective way to conduct a complete sewer cleanout.

Leak Detection

If there are signs that there may be a leak in the sewer, the plumber will have to find the location of the leak before they can begin repairs. Camera inspections are often a big help with this process, however, other means may be necessary.

Sometimes leaks are caused by corrosion or shifting of the pipe. Other times, the leak is caused by tree roots penetrating the pipe. Once the issue is determined, the plumber can begin digging into the yard to replace the pipe or part of the pipe that is damaged.

Trenchless Repair

Having a home’s yard ripped apart to repair a sewer can be quite distressing to homeowners. This is especially true if there are features or landscaping that would be destroyed by the repairs. Trenchless repair is an option for many types of repairs that can minimize the damage to the yard. We always explore trenchless sewer repair options first to create as little of a hassle as possible for our customers.

Instead of tearing up the entire yard to get to the pipe, a few access holes are drilled. This lets the plumbers reach precisely the area with the issue. The pipe is then repaired and the holes are covered over without the massive mess.

At Al Rooter Plumbing, our team is dedicated to providing quality, courteous service. Our technicians are experienced in diagnosing, explaining, and repairing almost any plumbing problem a homeowner may face. Call on us to learn more about our sewer repair services!