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AL Rooter Plumbing is experienced in handling a wide range of plumbing installation and plumbing repair needs and offers 24-hour emergency plumbing service. For fast and reliable Houston plumbing and drain cleaning, call the experts at AL Rooter Plumbing. Diagnosing and solving all plumbing problems—simple or complex—we provide plumbing repair, emergency service, toilet installation, shower valve replacement, and maintenance programs.
Schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you. We’ll arrive on time, listen to your needs
and diagnose your situation. Unlike other plumbing companies, we price by the job, not by the hour, so there are no surprises.
Our plumbing, drain cleaning and hot water heater technicians will take great care of your
home. We can also take great care of your business with our commercial plumbing services.


 What Can We Help You With Today?


Keep it as comfortable as possible by making sure your plumbing system is working at its best. Here’s just a sampling of the services we provide for our customers.


Commercial plumbing is a top priority for our company and we make sure our plumbers have all the latest training and tools to get the job done.

New Construction

new construction plumbing services in Houston, TX for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you are building, we can handle all your plumbing needs.

Why Choose AL Rooter Plumbing?

AL Rooter Plumbing community for almost 20 years. We bring our experience and knowledge to every job. Our satisfied customers enjoy benefits such as:

When you have a plumbing emergency, don’t panic. Reach out to AL Rooter Plumbing at any time.  We offer up-front, flat-rate pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

License No : 43682

what else do we offer

Additional Services

We’re committed to providing fast, affordable, reliable, worry free plumbing and heating services.

Hydro Jetting

If you’re experiencing slow drains, clogs, or other issues with your plumbing system, hydro-jetting may be the solution you need.

Repipe Specialists

If you live in an older home, chances are that underneath your home’s charm and character lies the harsh reality.

Water Softener

Their water softener installation is designed to improve your water quality, extend the lifespan of your appliances.

New Construction

Whether you are building a new home or a commercial building, we can handle all your plumbing needs.

Sewer Line

If your sewer line is not working correctly, it can cause significant problems such as clogged pipes, sewer backups we can help.

Gas Line Inspection

Natural gas is a highly flammable substance, and any gas leak can lead to severe consequences. Our technician inspects.

Occupancy Permit

As a commercial building owner, it is important to comply with the City of Houston building codes and regulations.

Tankless Water

Is a modern and efficient system that heats water on demand, providing hot water without the need for a storage tank.

Based on 71 reviews
Karol Boone
Karol Boone
AL Rooter Plumbing was called out again due to a water hammer problem. Again, scheduling was very quick, I had to cancel once and they were very understanding. The quoting process was simple and quick, and most importantly they were able to explain the problem to us and answer our questions patiently.
With AL Rooter plumbing, we had a great experience. Within 24 hours after our initial call, they were able to come out and clean several drains for us. The plumber was helpful and quick. He even gave us tips on how to maintain clean drains in the future. Overall, we were very satisfied with their service and would suggest them to anyone else looking for a great plumber!
Your technicians were very professional and did a great job for us. As was the entire damage restoration team. We could not have been happier or more impressed with AL Rooter plumbing
Abderrahmane BEL GHALI
Abderrahmane BEL GHALI
We had a terrible gas leak in our house and no one could find the leak. We had about 7 different plumbing companies come to the house. AL Rooter Plumbing was able to think outside the box and find multiple leaks. Their prices are very reasonable but most of all they were great! They took two days to replace everything and it went very smoothly and left the house spotless.
Amanda Rashdan
Amanda Rashdan
We needed a new pipe for our tub spout since ours was too big to fit a universal spout and AL Rooter Plumbing was able to fix everything for us. They quickly gave us an estimate and did the work. They also had us inspect everything after they were done and gave us tips on future spout changes. Highly recommended company! If I ever had any other plumbing needs, I'm contacting AL Rooter Plumbing first!
Rosa Kaiser
Rosa Kaiser
The experience with Al Rooter Plumbing was fantastic – their service was not only fast but also friendly. They efficiently resolved a clogged kitchen sink without leaving any mess behind. I will certainly consider using their services again in the future!
I had a little leak in my attic and it was too much for me to handle, so I called AL Rooter Plumbing and they came over quickly, were very professional and had me all fixed up in very short order. I was extremely pleased! Thank you !!
Jay Ga
Jay Ga
Good service, very friendly.
Hattie Huff
Hattie Huff
I experienced a minor attic leak that was beyond my ability to address. Seeking a solution, I reached out to AL Rooter Plumbing. Their prompt response, professionalism, and swift resolution of the issue left me thoroughly satisfied. I'm genuinely grateful for their efficient service. Many thanks!
Landry Coffey
Landry Coffey
AL Rooter Plumbing was professional and they did a great job!!!! I would recommend to anyone!!!!!!

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