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When a person thinks of the plumbing in their home, the toilets and sinks likely come to mind. They rarely give thought to the pipes that supply water to these fixtures and those that take dirty water and sewage away from the home. However, they need to think of these plumbing components. Without a functioning set of pipes, this system won’t work as intended, which could be detrimental to the home and its occupants. 

When one or more pipes have sustained damage and need an immediate replacement, consider Repiping. Regardless of how durable the pipes appear; they break down over time. Furthermore, blockages in the pipes lead to issues, and the damage may go undetected for a period as it is hidden in a wall, ceiling, or under a floor. At times, the problem lies deeper and exists in the crawlspace of the home or under the concrete slab. With the help of experienced repipe specialists, detecting the problem becomes much easier. In addition, thanks to advances in technology, accessing and repairing the pipes with minimal disruption remains a good possibility via our repipe specialists.

Why Repiping May Be Necessary

Contractors during the late 1970s to mid-1990s used polybutylene pipes. They found this plastic resin easy to manufacture. Furthermore, they believed it would hold up for decades. Only after it was installed in countless homes did they discover it was fragile and broke down more rapidly than expected. 

Homes built before then often came with galvanized steel piping that had been dipped in zinc. The zinc was thought to halt corrosion and rust in their tracks. While these pipes remain durable for up to five decades, they tend to accumulate mineral deposits that negatively affect water pressure. When the zinc breaks down, it leads to rust, and the pipes remain at high risk of freezing in cold temperatures. 

When a problem develops with these pipes or any pipes in the home, repiping might serve as the best solution. While a repipe company can take measures to reduce the risk of pipes freezing and bursting, they may recommend replacing the polybutylene or galvanized steel pipes with copper or PEX piping. This ensures the homeowner won’t need to worry about replacing the pipes for years to come. 

Additionally, individuals looking to sell their homes may look into repiping before putting the house on the market. Galvanized steel and polybutylene pipes drive the price of a home lower. Talk with a real estate agent to see if this step is needed before attempting to sell the residence. 

Additional Signs Repiping May Be Needed

Homeowners need to look for other indicators that the pipes may be failing. Discolored water suggests there is a problem within the pipes, although it may be attributed to a problem with the main water supply. Decreased water pressure and other plumbing issues serve as a sign there is a problem somewhere in the system and it might be time to look at the cost to repipe the house. In addition, pipe corrosion or deterioration and freezing or burst pipes suggest it might be time to upgrade the plumbing in the home. An experienced plumber helps homeowners determine the correct course of action for their residences.

Every person needs to have the plumbing system in their home examined regularly. Fortunately, this task takes less time and effort than many people imagine. Our repipe specialists can now run a camera through most parts of the system to identify any problems or areas of concern and alert the homeowner. The owner then determines how they want to proceed with the repair or replacement. 

Water damage in homes costs insurance companies billions of dollars each year, and this doesn’t take into account any money the homeowner spends to have repairs made or replace damaged items. Proactive steps help to keep this damage at bay and save the owner money at the same time. 

At times, it won’t be necessary to repipe the entire system. For example, if a problem is found by our repipe specialists in the main water line, the plumber may be able to replace only the damaged areas. However, a person cannot know this until they undergo this inspection. Call our repipe company today to have this scheduled.

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