Water Line Services in Houston, Texas

The main Water Line serves a vital role in the functioning of a home. This underground pipe supplies fresh, clean water to the home to make it inhabitable. No main water line lasts forever, and a homeowner may find they need to have the line repaired or replaced. This job requires professional help, as it is very involved and must meet all local codes. 

How can a homeowner tell their main Water Line needs attention? What signs indicate a problem has arisen? The following serve as indicators that every homeowner must watch for. 

Pools of Water in the Yard

A person might notice a pool of water in their yard and wonder where it originates. Recent rain or regular watering may result in a pool if the ground is saturated. However, when it hasn’t rained or the yard hasn’t been watered, chances are the homeowner has a leak in the main water line. The area around the leak often looks lush and green when compared to the rest of the year, thanks to the extra water it is receiving. 

Low Water Pressure

When a water main breaks, water pressure in the home drops considerably. At times, the water main belongs to the municipality and it pays for any repairs. However, when the main water line lies on a person’s property, they must pay for the necessary repairs. How can a homeowner know where the problem lies? 

First, check with the municipality to learn if there is a break in the water line servicing your home. If this isn’t the case or a water line belonging to the municipality undergoes repairs and the problem continues, the problem lies in the water line servicing the home. 

Homeowners must act quickly when the main water line breaks. A failure to address the problem could result in damage to fixtures and appliances in the home. This adds to the cost of the repairs, which no homeowner wants. Contact companies offering plumbing services in Houston to have the necessary repairs carried out. 

Discolored Water

Rusty or earth-colored water suggests soil is making its way into the pipe. However, it could also mean that the main water line has corroded and needs replacement. This remains a problem in older homes with iron or steel pipes. Homeowners need to take prompt action when their water is discolored, as nobody wants to drink dirty water or shower in it.

Rising Water Bills

A person may wonder why their water bill keeps going up even when they aren’t using more water than normal. This becomes particularly noticeable when the water pressure decreases but more water is being used. Any time the water bill jumps drastically in a single month, it’s time to look into water line services in Houston, Texas to determine where the problem is and how best to fix it. 

Cracks in the Foundation

Any crack in the main water line may allow water to seep into the home’s foundation, leading to cracks in the foundation. A homeowner could spend thousands of dollars to have repairs made to the foundation and restore the structural integrity of the home. Contact a plumber immediately to learn if the water main is the issue. Furthermore, reach out to a foundation repair provider to have the necessary repairs made to the home. 

Repair or Replace? 

Homeowners often wonder if they should repair a main water line or replace it. Repairing a water line remains the best option in many situations. However, the plumber must examine the system to learn the extent of the damage before making recommendations on repair or replacement.

When dealing with older pipes made of steel or copper, a homeowner might find they wish to replace the lines to avoid the need for additional repairs in the future. These lines corrode with time and replacement makes more sense financially and for the health of the home’s occupants. However, the decision always lies with the homeowner, as it is their property. 

Never ignore a problem with the main water line to your home. Early action helps to keep costs down while protecting your residence. Don’t hesitate to call for a small problem, as water line issues can devastate a residence in little time. It’s always better to know what you are dealing with, so you can make a plan to rectify the situation and sleep in peace at night, knowing you will have clean running water when you need it. 

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